13. Aug, 2016

Developing a Concept of the post-Babel Two Centuries

An Amusing little discourse on Radiometric Stuff


It occurs to CUT that a few more examples of the Geology / History confluence is needed to establish the principle in the minds of those who are following CUT’s chronology.



Pre-Flood biblical Patriarch’s reigns and length of life, courtesy of Julius Sextus Africanus and CUT, will help to cement the idea.  Firstly we should acknowledge the fact that CUT’s view of Geologic time – reduced to orbital (around the Sun) time – is based on the work of Barry Setterfield in his Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy monograph.  We should further acknowledge Wal Thornhill of Electric Universe researchers group and thunderbolts.info.  Until Wal ‘gave me permission’ I would not have started on this journey into 7,500 year past history of everything.  Further the three biggies are Alan Dean, at the time a ministerial assistant in the Ryde congregation of the Worldwide Church of God, Jim Bellamy – the boss of the Jim and Florence team residing in Beresfield in the Hunter Valley of NSW and finally the man whose mantle, in one sense, I have taken up – Dr Herman L. Hoeh sometime Dean of Faculty of Ambassador College, Pasadena, California, USA.

Next, we need to understand that the ‘permission’ I have to jettison Codex Alexandrinus, Masoretic text and other resources is from my wife - a qualified archivist.  You guess this one.

Ok, let’s cut to the chase.  Africanus, in my twenty-year study of Egyptian and subsequent Mesopotamian chronology, has proved the most consistently reliable.  I acknowledge a very superior intellect in JSA.  A man of integrity and capability is how I would describe what I have seen of him through his extant and epitomised work.  Africanus in his researches comes at some point to the conclusion that what he has before him is in error by 20 years which he adds in to the grand total of time between Deluge and the expulsion or rather the creation OF MAN, animals, etc.  So we have from Waddell’s Manetho (Loeb Series) 1184 years + 20 years = 1204 years between -4531 and -3327.

The Bible gives us names; Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahaleel, Jared, Enoch, Methusaleh, Lamech, Noah.  You can yourself go through nearly endless variation on spelling, pronunciation and relationships but let’s all agree this as a working list.  There is, of course, no way that these names and traditional pre-Flood intervals can be reconciled.  So I will now introduce you to CUT’s creative endeavours.  I hope your attempts to do the same yield even better fruit.

-4531     Adam’s creation[1] = 4,105,104,431years ago                 A-lulim, Eridu Sumer kings  Hadean Eon

-4501 Expulsion date = 3,997,562,578 years ago                                                                          EoArchaen Era

-4401    Seth = 3,654,590,488 years ago                                                                                           PalaeoArchean

-4387     Alalgar, Eridu      144         15

-4297    Enosh = 3,316,371,045 years ago                                                                                        PalaeoArchean                

-4208    Kenan[2] = ca. 3,038,600,869 years ago[3]                                                                               MesoArchean

-4207     En-men-lu-Anna, Bad-tibira        324

-4139    Mahaleel = 2,835,394,333 years ago                                                                                  Just NeoArchean

Hephaestus--->                168         -4130[4]

-4082     Hephaestus

-4040    Jared = 2,551,979,892 years ago                                                                                          Siderian Period?

-3979    Enoch = 2,383,613,304 years ago                                                                                        mid-Siderian

-3915/-3914 = GCY[5] 1000

-3915    Methusaleh = 2,211,792,071 years ago                                                                            Rhyacian

-3849    Lamech = 2,039,526,195 years ago                                                                                     Orosirian

-3761     Molad of Tishri benchmark and Noah = 1,817,408,644 years ago                         Statherian

The first point to note IS THAT Noah did not live 600 years before the Deluge.  Most reading this will say ‘I don’t agree’ – so be it.

Translation of Enoch, -3615 = 1,313,469,984 years ago; Enoch dies (conjectured as a few years before Noah starts preaching ie -3449) =  1,090,000,000 years ago                        Ectasian to Stenian[6]

Noah according to CUT DID live 350 years after the Flood. Confusing huh?  Or 145,000,000 years ago.

                                                                                                                                                Tithonian/Berriasian Age

We should now link to Stratigraphy.  From GSA Geologic Time Scale we can now give Periods, Epochs and Ages and they are set out in Blue above.



Apart from the Patriarchs we have the interesting tidbit from McCarthy and Rubidge ‘the Permian … mother of extinctions’ took place over a period of 100,000 years radiometrically-speaking. CUT understands there is more to the story but for edification purposes CUT has done some calculations and presents them as follows;

Million Years Ago                                                                                                        Orbital Equivalents

251,100,000                  0.051149551                 137.6434425                 -3034.643443              

 251,000,000                0.051129694                 137.5900058                 -3034.590006              

                                                                                                                                                -------------------                    Days

                                                                                                                                                0.053436754                 19.50441508 = 100,000 years (radiometric)

We might conclude from the calculations above that the division of the Gondwana, Laurasia et al landmasses and movement to current locations may, in CUT terms, have taken place over a few decades but the initial extinction took place over 19 days!!  An interesting item Permian - Triassic Extinction Event gives a real overview of the evidence available.  What, in CUT’s opinion is conveyed is a world stressing and straining with pyroclastic flows, rapid release of acids from rock fracturing, possible lightning – even arc blasts – possibly a bolide, oxygen/carbon dioxide variation.  For example two things from CUT

 See CUT Radiometric/Orbial Date Conversion for -3034 to -2934 Post above

Chelyabinsk and Araguainha maybe not as depicted as asteroid strikes but arc blast or, as suggested by inference in the Wikipedia item linked above, a strained landscape that has under tremendous pressure fissured to allow the pyroclastic flows of the Siberian Traps. 

So what can we conclude?

Since the process of separation took place over a period of, at least 100 years, then the two extinctions of note P-T and K-T are integral to the geologic underlying processes.  We might say by way of clarification, ca. 252 Ma to 66.5 Ma covers the period -3034 to -2934.  Of this interval 1 yr and 200 days at the start represent Araguainha, 27/28 days later the 116-day long MEI starts and of the Siberian Traps the Noril’sk Lower, Tunguska- Middle Nidymsky, Noril’sk Upper and also Chelyabinsk flows take the next 5 yrs and 49 days.  The P-T in the literature is for 200,000, 100,000 or 20,000 years (radiometric) so 38 days, 19 days or 4 days cover the burials whether in marine, shallow estuarine or lacustrine contexts.  Obviously we would expect much activity till matters finally settle in the days of Peleg, which CUT gives as -2895 to -2657, and from this terminus we might conclude that the -2934 Deccan Traps, which formed some 2 yrs after the Himalaya Mtns formed and during the 52-yr (-2974 to -2922) birthing of the Andes is but a small highlight in the ‘division’ implicit in the meaning of the name PELEG.  By his time the LGM had come and gone and essentially the world was substantively spread all over the globe.


[1]cf. Africanus’ 1204 years

[2]Some commentary:  at this point the Mesopotamian records are no longer CERTAINLY pre-Flood;  it appears from the CUT-described benchmark years from which stela dates are drifted, which include -4207, that Enosh, on bringing forth and weaning an heir apparent, started a new centre of government elsewhere than “Eridu”.

[3]From -4130 to -4022 according to McCarthy and Rubidge cratons were forming - JIT to shift from Eridu and Tubal-Cain’s rule elsewhere??

[4]See 3 above

[5]General Cosmic Year NB the geology of -4915 is spectacular

[6]It appears that the Ward-Oldham Geological province in Australia may be the sandy desert referred to in UFO-mania video production entitled “The Book of Giants found amid the Dead Sea Scrolls& the Destructionof the Nephilim”.  Today it is home to the Great sandy Desert and is of Calymmian to Stenian Age.