General Introductory Material

Erik, et al,

This idea that a ZPE increase with time, from ‘a start’ euphemistically-speaking, can allow a radiometric clock i.e. U/Pb  to be set in such a manner  as to be convertable to regular time is not an easy thought.  It is a Physics matter or more precisely an Astronomic matter.  Martin Harwitt, a radioastronomer of some note, many years ago pointed out that the now-much-contended Background Microwave Radiation observed by such folks allows us to date the Universe for the first time.  Previously researchers, on reliable scientific reasoning had put up 13.8 billions years for a ‘big bang’ type event.  Barry Setterfield then deduced a formula from undergraduate Physics notions that allowed the radiometric dating to be associated with Historical time. I had spent 19 years working on a Chronology of Ancient History up to the Greeks.  By noting that ancient Egyptians used a novel form of drift dating I was able to show that some of these stela dates drifted from an odd time – Ares a demigod (the Greek reports connected Ares to this Egyptian god) or -2923.  Noting that the end of this war demigods rule was a new start (the Creator had used the Last Glacial Maximum to end nuclear warfare) and dates were drifted from it I then connected the gap from Barry’s formula term T which ranges from 0 to 1 to the difference between my Chronology start of -5589 and -2898, the date of the end of Ares’ reign.  That is there was a convenient 2691 years.  Cutting a long story short, I now had the parametric data to create a formula which would convert radiometric readings to Gregorian-style years.


Let’s look at some examples;  My chronology states (using Henk Jens paper 37(?) I think) and some tweaking that -3327 to -3326 first day of second month the Flood occurred.  Using my formula this gives 829.13 million years ago, etc.  To go the other way; detrital zircons which crystallised and had their radiometric clocks set at 810 Ma ( most likely as a result of the Flood ) can be converted to -3317.74 years or 1 or 2nd Apr, -3318 some ten years approx.  after  the Flood.  From European records (oral) we have it that 80 years approx.  after the Flood Noah took a ten-year world survey,  which we can date in radiometric terms at 662 Ma (for ease on my part assuming -3245.662332 and not -3327/-3326).  The 662 Ma date puts us into the Cryogenian Period on the Geologic column.  This is sometimes called Snowball Earth incorrectly – the evidence is Flood related and not specifically glacial.  It should be noted that this 10-year Noachian trip to survey the state of the Earth falls NEATLY between the Sturtian and Marinoan Glaciations.  I am not saying there were no glaciations only that the glaciers did not move every rock.  This period of cold corresponds to the Hopi Indian stories of a Cold Age – I think the second in their cycles or Ages.

If you like I can itemise some ‘key’ dates.  They are key in my thinking.